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I am loving

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Ten times better than BNW. Haha, and I just looked back on a post about BNW when I just started it… oh so naive. I won’t bash it; because it had a great message and all. I just wasn’t too crazy about the characters, nor the writing style. Whatever, this post is not meant for that D<

Honestly, you just can’t top Shakespeare. I was a little skeptical after reading Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar. I really didn’t get a lot from either of those books. Caesar was way better than R+J, but it didn’t make my favorite’s list.

This book, man. I never highlight quotes in books. I have like ten favorite quotes highlighted so far. I’m not even done, yet. Sure: Caesar had “Et tu, Brute” and Romeo and Juliet had the whole “Yes, I do bite my thumb at you sir.” Which were both memorable enough for me to recall.

They got nothin’ on Twelfth Night. Talk about poetry. I think I’m more for Shakespeare’s comedies rather than his dramas, though. The comedy adds an element of lightness, because he still kept the deep, metaphorical aspect of the story. I guess I didn’t like the drama as much because it was just too.. dramatic. lmao. But hey, it is theatre, so what can I say.

Off I go to read some more :’D

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