aisha / aka ace / 18 / east coast livin' / princeton frosh / aspiring journalist.

tooting my horn: day 4 (talents)

  • Writing. I started writing when I was very young and it’s become an undeniable part of who I am. I love words. I love how there are so many ways to say something. I love how language is limitless. Most of all, I love being able to reach people through the written word. There is nothing better as a writer than to finish a piece, hand it off to someone to read and have them say something like: “Damn, that was good.” ‘Til the life leaves my fingers, I will love writing.  
  • Speaking. I speak well in front of people. I enunciate and verbalize. I get my point across. Sometimes I get long-winded, but that’s useful when it comes to speeches and longer presentations. Of course I get nervous, but once I’m up there I’m pretty chill. 
  • Drawing. This I will whole-heartedly accredit to my Grandfather. He’s an amazing artist and growing up with him helped to cultivate that ability. I go through periods where I don’t draw for a long time and then I pick up a pencil and it all comes back to me. There’s something therapeutic about drawing for me. 
  • Designing. I’m pretty handy with Photoshop. I have a good eye when it comes to color and arrangement, as well. 
  • Dancing. Alright, I’m no prima-ballerina. My technique is definitely not what it used to be, considering I haven’t taken dance in over a year now. But I know how to move. Plus, dancing gave me confidence. I owe a good portion of my confidence to dance.
  • Acting. It’s been a while since I’ve had a major role in a play, but I remember that feeling very fondly. It’s just… a rush. The ability to make a character come to life has always fascinated me, and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to have a go at it. It’s a beautiful art form.