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tooting my horn: day 2 (characteristics)

I’ve probably had the hardest time accepting my physical characteristics. I’ve always been very skinny. I’ve always had long, curly hair. I’ve always looked like… well, me. But only recently have I been able decided to look in the mirror and like what I see. I mean, I have my days where I kinda revert back to that insecure 7th grade girl who was picked on for being too skinny or too short or for whatever other crap kids came up with.

But today, I can honestly say:

  • I love my hair. That’s the one thing people usually compliment me on. And now that I’ve begun to embrace the natural/curly side of it, rather than straightening the hell out of it all the time… I love it even more.
  • I  love that I’m skinny. Me and my body are cool, now. Sure, being the “stick chick” still gets me shit, but I’ve learned not to pay much attention to it. People have told me they would kill for my metabolism. I eat tons and hardly gain weight. It’ll catch up with me sooner or later, but hey for now, no calorie-counting for this young lady ;]
  • I love my nose. I use to hate it. I always felt like it was too big. I told my mom one day and she was like, “Please. It’s better to breathe with.”
  • I love my smile. My teeth overlap in the front. I have braces now, but I’m still rather fond of it. It’s not perfect. And my Grandma is always like, “Why you smilin’ so big?” That used to get under my skin. But now I just see it as a part of my personality. My mom has a big smile, and so do I :D

I could go on, I guess. (I like the freckles on the corners of my mouth and the way my hands and lips are shaped…) But those are all the major physical characteristics I like love about myself ♥