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I can’t think of a thing better to do on a rainy day

than sit in the corner of my room, by the window seat. I put all these pillows there, when I got new furniture for my room last year. All the stuffed animals I’m *attached* to are there, like a bunch of little people. (Yes, I have a bunch of stuffed animals :P) I just curl up on the pillows, breaking book spines (as of late those spines would be Twelfth Night and The Crucible) with a mug of green tea beside me. Sometimes I listen to my i-pod, for background noise, but the rain these past few days has been my background noise. Rainy days are meant for curling up with good books and sipping tea in my little corner. I love it. It’s better than the hammock outside; too many bugs. Hands down, that corner is my favorite part of my room.

So do any of you have a spot in your room, good for just chillin’ or whatever is your “me time?” If so, then you know what I mean ;]

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